miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011

Scketching proyects..

In fifteen years from now, I would be probably working, but I think I might come back to study and deeper my knowledge. I would like to develop myself on the area of audiovisual antrhopology. Maybe at that time I would be a part of a group of people that work in the area. We might create a production company.

I would also like to travel and get to know many places in the world. In fifteen years time I would be probably living outside of Santiago, maybe in the south of Chili, or anywhere in Latin America.

I would be living in a house made by myself, with an orchard and I would be eating exclusively what I produce. I might live with some more people. I would like to have kids, so probably for that time I would already have. Although I dont see marriage as a proyect, I might be living with the person that I love.

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